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Orange County Trial Lawyers has provided valuable legal services to clients throughout California, including Orange County residents and residents in the surrounding communities for several years. Orange County Trial Lawyers specialize in a few practice areas, including family law. One important component of the family law practice is collaborative law and mediation. Orange County Trial Lawyers have helped clients negotiate and work together toward an amicable agreement.

General Information Regarding Collaborative Law and Mediation in Orange County, CA

Orange County Collaborative Law and Mediation LawyersMediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is an alternative to going to court and having cases tried before a judge or jury. Collaborative law is also an alternative to the often lengthy and expensive process of a trial. The goal of these alternatives is to formulate an amicable agreement between two parties without the interference of the court system. A neutral mediator helps to decide the case, and the agreement that is reached is legally binding. Many issues that concern the family court are able to be worked out through collaborative law and mediation, including divorce, domestic partnership termination, separation agreements, custody arrangements, visitation, spousal support, child support, property division, modifications of existing court orders and prenuptial agreements. Having a neutral third party can assist the parties in communicating with each other in an effective manner, identifying the needs of other individuals, such as the children, and devising an equitable agreement regarding the case at hand. Mediation also helps to save time that can be expended in court regarding minor details of the dissolution of marriage or child custody arrangements. This is also a strategy to avoid additional court costs. The benefit of a mediation process is that parties can agree on terms that are specific to their particular situation and can provide terms that courts may leave out but are important to the parties. If you need assistance with a collaborative law or mediation matter, contact the Torri Law Firm.

Collaborative Law and Mediation Process in Orange County, CA

Parties can enter into the mediation process voluntarily. However, some California courts will not make a ruling on particular issues without having evidence that the parties have attempted mediation. Whether a party voluntarily enters mediation or is encouraged to enter mediation by the court, the first step is to schedule a meeting with a mediator. You must also pay a fee for the use of mediation services. Once you arrive at your mediation meeting, you will be able to present information regarding the remedy and solution that you want, such as full custody of a child or particular assets in a divorce. The other party will be able to identify their needs and interests in the matter. The parties will negotiate with each other and the mediator will make a final ruling.

Assistance from a Collaborative Law and Mediation Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Although mediation helps to avoid the adversarial process of a court, a client may not receive the solution that he or she requests without a strong advocate by his side.

If you need assistance in a collaborative law or mediation matter, contact Orange County Trial Lawyers at 714-499-9899.

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