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Child visitation occurs when one parent or other party has sole custody of a child and the other parent or party wants to have time to spend with the child. An experienced attorney can assist you with establishing a clear visitation order to protect the interests of each party, to seek visitation rights during a divorce proceeding or to dispute visitation if you believe that the other party’s presence in the child’s life will be detrimental.

Child Visitation Information in Orange County, CA

Orange County Child Visitation LawyersSome parents or other parties who retain custody of children may have agreements about the duration of time that the other parent or party can spend with the child. However, many individuals prefer to have these agreements in a formal writing that is approved by the court. Without this step, the agreement will not be enforced by a court and a parent cannot be penalized when not complying with the terms of the agreement. When an individual seeks visitation rights with the child, the court can decide to grant standard visitation, supervised visitation, modified visitation or no visitation. Standard visitation follows a schedule set out by the local court system that specifies specific dates, times and holidays that the requesting party will have the right to visit with the child. Supervised visitation occurs when a neutral third party is present during the visitation times between the noncustodial parent and the child. Modified visitation is a visitation schedule that the court sets out that provides for less time than the standard schedule, such as when the court is attempting to gradually transition an absent parent back into the child’s life. Under certain circumstances, the court may choose not to grant any visitation rights to the requesting party. Prior to a hearing, the noncustodial and custodial parents may decide on a parenting plan that outlines visitation and the court will usually approve the plan. However, many cases involve parents who are unable to come to an agreement; in this case, the parties will have a court hearing to make a decision regarding visitation. It is important to have an experienced attorney like Orange County Trial Lawyer to represent you at a court hearing to protect your rights.

Child Visitation Disputes in Orange County, CA

During the child visitation hearing, the parties will be able to prevent testimony and evidence about the other parties. The court will consider many factors in determining whether or not to grant visitation rights. Some factors include the child’s age, the child’s health, the relationship between the child and the requesting party, any history of substance abuse or domestic violence and the child’s connection to his school and community. If you fear that your child will not be safe with the noncustodial parent, you can request the court to order supervised visitation. The court will grant supervised visitation under certain situations, such as:
• To help reestablish an absent parent into the child’s life
• To monitor a parent who has a history of substance abuse
• To monitor a parent who has a history of domestic violence
• To guard against parental abduction
An attorney can assist you in establishing visitation or in disputing the other party’s request for visitation.

Experienced Child Visitation Attorney in Orange County, CA

Joseph Torri is an experienced child visitation attorney who has served parents and guardians in Orange County for several years. He has a strong record of providing positive outcomes in his client’s cases.

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