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Divorce Attorney in Orange County, CA

Our Orange County Trial Lawyers provide valuable legal services regarding all aspects of divorce. The Orange County Trial Lawyers have learned how to provide quality advocacy to individuals as laws regarding marriage in California have changed. Orange County Trial Lawyers represent clients in heterosexual marriages, as well as same-sex couples. The firm also represents individuals who have initiated the dissolution of the marriage process and individuals who were served with divorce papers.

Orange County CA Divorce Lawyers

Grounds for Divorce in Orange County, CA

Before you can file a divorce in California, you must meet minimum requirements. This includes a residency requirement that mandates that you have lived in California for at least six months. Additionally, you must have lived in the current California county where you reside for at least three months prior to filing for divorce.

Same-sex couples who were married in California and live in another state that does not recognize their marriage do not have to comply with the residency requirements. Unlike some states, you do not have to prove some fault exists before you are legally able to file for divorce.


The California Family Code § 2310r states that a marriage can be dissolved on the grounds of:

a) Irreconcilable differences, which have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage

b) Incurable sanity

The first ground for divorce means that the court can dissolve the marriage due to any reason that they believe is a substantial cause and justification for the divorce. Even if the other spouse does not want to get divorced, the courts will dissolve the marriage upon the completion of the divorce proceedings. If you would like to file for divorce, or if you have been served with divorce papers, call Orange County Trial Lawyers to assist you with this matter.

Issues Concerning Divorce in Orange County, CA

A divorce often involves several complicated issues. Some of the factors that are decided during divorce proceedings include:

  • Custody of minor children
  • Child visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of property
  • Allocation of outstanding debt

These matters are very important and require the assistance of a skilled attorney. California is a community property state, and it can be difficult to fairly distribute property that was owned jointly and property that was possessed separately. Our staff will assist you in locating and identifying all assets and liabilities to achieve an equitable result.

Assistance from Orange County, CA Divorce Lawyers

A skilled attorney can assist you with your divorce in many ways. Although many couples begin the divorce process in an amicable manner, the process of divorce can quickly turn into a confrontational battle. Assistance from a lawyer can provide a neutral party that can help you negotiate a fair settlement for your divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer can also help you dispute child support and alimony and settle on a more manageable level based on a realistic value of your current financial assets and income. If you need assistance with an Orange County divorce, then contact our Orange County Divorce Lawyers at 714-499-9899.

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