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Orange County Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Orange County, CA

Orange County Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in Orange County, CA

Our Orange County, CA uncontested divorce lawyers assist clients who are seeking and responding to a summons for dissolution of marriage. Our attorneys have provided these valuable legal services to clients in and around the Orange County area for several years and is dedicated to helping our clients dissolve their marriages in as amicable a manner as possible. Our experienced family lawyers are also aware of that many clients want to quickly finalize the matter and will work diligently to complete the matter as swiftly as possible and avoid unnecessary delays.

General Information about Uncontested Divorce in Orange County, CA

An uncontested divorce occurs when the petitioner completes the necessary steps to dissolve the marriage by completing the petition and summons for divorce and the respondent completes the steps that fall under one of the following categories:

• Has provided an answer to the petition and agrees to all of the terms in the petition
• Does not provide an answer to the petition for divorce and there is a written agreement between the parties.
• Does not provide an answer to the divorce papers within 30 days of having been served with the papers and there is no agreement between the parties

Depending on which scenario best describes your circumstances, you will have certain other steps that you must follow before your divorce will be finalized. Contacting an attorney at this stage of your divorce can ensure that you complete all of the steps mandated by the court to have a legally binding ruling made on your petition for divorce and to ensure that you have a written version of the agreement between you and your spouse.

Orange County Uncontested Divorce LawyersUncontested Divorce Proceedings in Orange County, CA

If you do not yet have a written agreement, it is important to develop one. If your spouse disagrees about any material factor of your divorce, such as child custody, child visitation, child support, property distribution or spousal support, your uncontested divorce can quickly become a contested divorce. The first step is to put your agreement into writing and have it notarized. The agreement should include information regarding the following applicable issues: child custody, child support, distribution of assets and debts and spousal support.

An attorney is best equipped to complete this task for you in order to ensure your rights and to include terms that clearly outline the terms of your agreement. A lawyer can also ensure that you comply with all local laws and that the local child support agency agrees to the terms for child support in the agreement, if applicable. Even if you have an agreement, you will need to complete specific forms with the court in order to have a decree for divorce granted for your petition. Your attorney will assist you in completing all mandated court papers that pertain to your divorce proceeding. You will then complete a final Declaration of Disclosure and serve it upon your spouse as the final step of the process.

Experienced Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Orange County, CA

Having an experienced uncontested divorce attorney represent you can provide you with the legal expertise that you need during this process in your life. Orange County divorce lawyers can also assist you if your amicable divorce suddenly veers into a court battle. Contact our Orange County uncontested divorce lawyers at 714-499-9899 to schedule a free consultation and to retain the services of an experienced uncontested divorce attorney.

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