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Orange County Trial Lawyers provide valuable legal services to clients in the Orange County area. They have assisted numerous clients in seeking or contesting requests for spousal support. They will assist you with your case so that you can protect your own financial future.

General Information Regarding Spousal Support in Orange County, CA

Orange County Spousal Support LawyersSpousal support is provided in some divorces so that the party who had less income will be able to maintain the standard of living to which the party had been accustomed during the marriage. The premise for spousal support is to provide the spouse with the lower income temporary financial support while he or she works on becoming financially independent. The court may grant a temporary spousal support order while your divorce is proceeding. The order may become permanent at the time of the divorce decree. The court will consider many factors before determining whether or not to grant a spousal support order and for how long. Some topics and items of consideration include:

• The duration of the marriage
• The couple’s lifestyle during the marriage
• Each party’s earnings
• Each party’s earning capacities
• Duration and potential expense for one of the parties to further his or her education or skill level
• Caregiver needs of the children
• The health of the parties
• Debts
• Assets

Whether you are seeking spousal support or you want to contest spousal support, a lawyer can help you compile all of the necessary documentation to prove your side of the case. Contact Orange County Trial Lawyers for assistance with all spousal support related matters.

Benefits of Hiring a Spousal Support Attorney in Orange County, CA

A spousal support attorney can provide many benefits to your case. Spousal support is a complex issue and failing to retain the services of a competent attorney can dramatically decrease the probability of your success in pursuing or contesting spousal support. Spousal support can last for years, and in some cases, there is no end date to the spousal support order. Due to the fact that spousal support can have significant and long-lasting effects, it is in your best interest to hire a skilled attorney to assist you with your case. He can help advocate for your position and convince the court to rule in your favor. A skilled attorney can also inform you of other events that may warrant an order for spousal support, such as a case that involves domestic violence.

Modifying Spousal Support in Orange County, CA

If you have an existing spousal support order, it may be necessary to modify the terms of the order. If there was a change in circumstances that would warrant a modification of the amount of spousal support to be higher or lower, you can file supporting documentation with the court to adjust the existing order to correspond with the change of circumstance. You may also need to notify the court if a significant event occurred to warrant the cessation of spousal support, such as the ending of the timeline provided for in the court order, the death of the former spouse or if the supported party remarries.

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