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Domestic Partnership Termination Attorney in Orange County, CA

In 2003, the California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act was passed and granted gay couples who wished to be recognized as a legal couple the same state rights and responsibilities that heterosexual couples have experienced for years. Orange County Trial Lawyers have provided valuable legal services to individuals in Orange County and surrounding areas for several years. The firm was established close to this momentous time in California history and has assisted many individuals that are in domestic partnerships. Among other areas, Orange County Trial Lawyers provides assistance in domestic partnership terminations.

Grounds for Domestic Partnership Termination in Orange County, CA

Orange County Domestic Partnership Termination LawyersIn order to terminate your domestic partnership, you must meet certain guidelines. If you live in California, you must have resided in the state for six months and the current county for three months. If you registered your domestic partnership with California, but you live in another state that does not recognize domestic partnerships, you do not have to meet the residency requirement. California is a no-fault divorce state, so you do not have to prove that one party was responsible for the need for termination of the domestic partnership. This same guideline applies to the termination of domestic partnerships. You simply need to state “irreconcilable differences” and the court will begin the process. You will be able to terminate your domestic partnership even in the event that the other party does not agree to its termination. If you need assistance in terminating your domestic partnership, contact Orange County Trial Lawyers to assist you with this matter.

Domestic Partnership Termination Issues in Orange County, CA

The termination of a domestic partnership involves complex issues. The court will make determinations on several issues, including:

• Child custody
• Child visitation
• Child support
• Domestic partner support
• Division of property
• Allocation of outstanding debt

Domestic partnerships are a relatively new concept under California law and are often difficult to litigate. Complex issues may arise, such as which partner will be considered the custodial parent and how to distribute protected assets that do not recognize domestic partnerships, such as pension plans and other financial products. Although domestic partnerships are legal arrangements in California, these partnerships are not recognized by federal laws. These matters are very important and require the assistance of a skilled attorney to influence a positive resolution of the case. Orange County Trial Lawyers will assist you with each aspect of the termination of domestic partnership process.

Assistance from a Domestic Partnership Termination Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Although many couplesbegin the process of a domestic partnership termination with good intentions, issues may arise that make the process less than amicable. A lawyer can provide you with your own advocate during a stressful period. A lawyer can assist you with each issue concerning the termination of a domestic partnership, including identifying community property, proving that you should retain custody of the children, acquiring child support and negotiating a fair division of community property.

If you need assistance with any of these matters, contact Orange County Trial Lawyers at 714-499-9899.

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