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Whittier Divorce Lawyer

Spouses need to settle important legal matters when their marriage comes to an end. This can be a difficult challenge when spouses experience emotional and personal issues due to the dissolution of their marriage. The Law Offices of Joseph Torri will help clients alleviate the burden of resolving family law related legal issues so clients can focus on rebuilding their lives.

Joseph Torri is a Whittier Divorce Lawyer committed to helping clients get through these tumultuous times. Mr. Torri was a long-time resident of Whittier, and is eager to assist its community members during the rebuilding phases of their lives.

Should I Represent Myself?

The divorce process can be very complex. The dissolution of a marriage could have huge consequences if one makes uneducated decisions about community property, spousal support, child support, child custody and other family law related issues. Since some people think they will save money by not hiring a Whittier Divorce Lawyer, those litigants may be making a huge mistake if they don't fully comprehend every aspect of a divorce. Some litigants go to court thinking they know everything about child custody and child support and walk away from their court date paying more in child and spousal support since they didn't obtain appropriate legal advice for their circumstances. There are multiple mistakes that self-represented litigants can make. These mistakes can cost them a lot of time, money and property. Each person needs to assess his or her own circumstances, and decide whether they need to hire a lawyer. Family law lawyers will encourage people to hire them since it is generally in their best interest.

Representing Clients on All Aspects of a Whittier Divorce

Our law office represents clients in virtually every type of family law matter, including divorce, paternity (child custody & visitation when the parents were not married), legal separation and annulments. In any California divorce, we can assist clients with all of the following matters:

  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Division of Debts
  • Division of Community Property
  • Modification of Child Custody and Visitation
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Modification of Spousal Support

Some divorces are simple and can be settled very quickly. California has a six-month waiting period for a divorce even when the parties want to settle. Clients can hire an attorney to help settle their divorce or paternity case. Settlement is always the desired goal. However, we will assert a client's rights at trial when settlement is unable to be reached. While people rarely want judicial officers making orders affecting their lives, these are orders become necessary when the litigants refuse to stipulate.

Resolving Your Case Favorably

Determining child custody and visitation can be one of the most difficult issues when assessing your divorce or paternity case. Some parents make poor parenting decisions and find themselves in a negative position that is difficult to get out of. Some parents want to blame others for the poor parenting decisions they have made. While parents generally want what is best for their children, some parents do not see eye-to-eye. Obtaining the advice of a Whittier Divorce Attorney can help you develop a parenting plan that works well for the parents and children. Parents need to assess whether one parent needs to have primary custody or whether joint physical custody is appropriate. Parents also need to decide joint legal custody issues. Joint legal custody refers to the decision-making authority of a parent(s) for the child's upbringing. Parents can have either sole legal custody or joint legal custody. The Whittier Divorce Lawyer will be able to analyze the case, and explain the likely outcome.

Whittier Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence laws can have a significant impact on a parent's child custody and visitation rights. Courts that make findings of domestic violence against the domestic violence perpetrator can make child custody and visitation orders that significantly limit the perpetrator's custody and visitation time. The Whittier Domestic Violence Lawyer can provide assertive representation in both the criminal domestic violence court and the domestic violence restraining order family law court. Our office represents parents that have been victims of domestic violence, and we also represent parents accused of domestic violence.

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Free Initial Consultation

Our law office would like to hear your concerns about the family law issues that are arising. Contact us anytime for an initial complimentary consultation. We generally answer the phone during non-business hours within reason, and we will get back to you promptly if we are unavailable. Addressing family law issues promptly is critical. Our office will advocate for a fair outcome if you allow us to earn your trust.

Regain Peace of Mind

Our family law attorneys understand how difficult it is when one parent unjustifiably withholds children from the other parent or communicates a desire to move away with the children to another state or county. Obtaining child custody orders from the court will prohibit a parent from taking unjustifiable action. Also, our divorce attorneys know how important it is to divide community property, and to establish or defend against spousal support and child support. Rely on us to zealously argue for a fair and just outcome.