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 Determinations about child custody and visitation are generally the most emotional legal issues in a Rancho Mirage family law case. The legal issue of child custody and visitation occurs when a child has been born and the parents (or third parties with status) are desirous of court orders addressing the rights and responsibilities of that child or children. Divorces, termination of domestic partnerships, parentage/paternity, legal separations and domestic violence restraining order requests are some of the avenues to get into court to address child custody and visitation. Grandparents can even have visitation rights.

 At the Law Offices of Joseph Torri, our Rancho Mirage child custody lawyers are experienced in handling child custody and visitation cases and specific county rules regarding these legal issues. Joseph Torri works with parents in determining a custody and visitation parenting plan that is in the child's best interest for their particular family. Since every family is different, each child has unique needs that must be addressed.

 There are many instances where child custody and visitation stipulations (agreements) are simply agreed to when each parent understands and agrees with a particular parenting plan. The Law Offices of Joseph Torri is able to help parents prepare and write up an agreement that becomes a court order. However, child custody litigation is generally necessary when the parents disagree on what is in the best interest of their child. If you are not in agreement with the other parent, consulting with a Rancho Mirage family law attorney is crucial in discovering your rights and how to navigate the court system.

 The court needs to make orders concerning legal custody and physical custody.


Legal Custody gives parents the ability to make decisions about the child's welfare. These decisions include the right to decide the child's welfare decisions, medical and educational needs. One parent might be awarded sole legal custody, but this is not a typical order. The more typical order is that each parent has joint legal custody.


Physical Custody concerns the legal issue of with whom the child resides. The court can award each parent joint physical custody and this is a typical order. However, one parent may be awarded sole physical custody for a variety of reasons, but this is not the typical scenario. Visitation orders are different orders that a court has the ability to make.

 Specific facts are crucial in determining child custody and visitation orders, and this area of the law can become very complicated. At the Law Offices of Joseph Torri, our Rancho Mirage child custody attorneys will analyze your particular custody case and help you reach a custody agreement that is appropriate for your family.


The time that a parent spends with the minor child is called the visitation time. Parents may have visitation with the child even if they don't have custody of his or her child. Visitation orders can be very general in stating that a parent has reasonable visitation, but it's generally better to have specific orders with dates and times for parents that are litigious and disagree with the orders. The summer schedule, holidays and vacation schedules can be worked out by the parties, but the court can make orders for parents that can't agree.

 California law requires that frequent and continuing contact between both parents and the child should be fostered. However, there are certain cases where this public policy is not appropriate. For example, domestic violence, sex abuse, alcohol/substance abuse and child abuse would give rise for certain protections and safeguards.

 Being able to reach an agreement with the other parent is an optimal goal concerning visitation issues. The Rancho Mirage custody attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph Torri can help you reach an agreement concerning your child's visitation schedule that is appropriate to your specific facts. However, we understand that agreements are not reached in every case which gives rise for the need to litigate the case. Joseph Torri is a Minor's Counsel Attorney has the skills to help you either reach a settlement or obtain a fair outcome at trial.


Parents that have a child custody and visitation court order may be in a situation where the orders need to be changed or modified. If another parent is not following the court order, commits an act of domestic violence, requests to move-away with the child or does something significant, the Rancho Mirage family lawyers at the Law Offices of Joseph Torri will advocate for the best interest of the child and provide excellent representation to help you through this process.

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