Legal Fees

Legal Fees 

We believe that legal fees should be reasonable. The facts of each case are critical in determining the retainer amount. While some retainer amounts may be a couple thousand dollars, other retainer amounts will be several thousand dollars. Limited scope appearances do not require a full-retainer, and an attorney may be able to be hired for a court date by paying for a couple of hours of an attorney's time for court. The office limits the amount of limited scope cases since it needs to balance full-representation and limited scope. Clients with significant assets will generally pay a more substantial retainer amount for a divorce since the law office anticipates engaging in discovery with the opposing party, in addition to attending and preparing for multiple court dates. Also, expert witnesses may need to be employed on complex community property cases. 

However, clients with average family law legal issues should expect a retainer fee that is less than a client who has substantial assets since not as many hours are anticipated working on the case. The retainer fee will be deposited in an Interest on a Lawyer's Trust Account (IOLTA), and be deducted according to the hourly fee structure. The work an attorney performs will be itemized for a client. If any portion of the fee is unearned, those unearned fees will be refunded to the client. If the case needs to be litigated at future hearing dates, etc., the client will be expected to put additional retainer amounts in trust to be billed against the work performed by an attorney. Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code Section 6211(a), “the interest and dividends earned on all those accounts (IOLTA) shall be paid to the State Bar of California…” Thus, the client is not entitled to the interest on the funds that are deposited into the IOLTA. The attorney does not receive the interest. The interest benefits nearly 100 nonprofit legal service organizations in California. Neither the attorney nor the client has a say in where the interest goes due to California law.

Clients facing a divorce with community property, debt, child support, spousal support (alimony), and child custody and visitation should anticipate paying more in attorney's fees compared to a client needing representation on a paternity case addressing child support along with child custody and visitation. However, there are circumstances where the divorce case doesn't consume a lot of hours due to an agreement between the parties, and a paternity case ends up costing more if one of the parents is unreasonable and intensely litigates child custody.

The law office offers limited scope representation in certain circumstances when a client is unable to afford a fully-retained attorney. There are some cases where limited scope representation is inappropriate, and the attorney will not accept limited scope representation. Clients may hire an attorney to represent him or herself at a specific court date. The attorney will generally charge a flat-fee of approximately a couple hours of preparation time and court time to represent the client at one specific court hearing on cases that are not complex. This flat-fee could range in price depending on the legal issue or issues that need to be litigated. Also, the attorney will charge more to appear at certain courthouses even if the legal issues are straight-forward due to the length of time an attorney can spend at courthouses on simple matters. Some courts are just slow in processing cases for the day in our experience. The attorney will not necessarily handle pro bono cases from individuals that call the office directly. Rather, if the attorney handles a pro bono appearance, the client will be referred from a legal aid-type of organization.

Many clients will utilize the services of a legal document assistant they find online in order to save money on legal fees. Although the client hired another entity to prepare his or her legal documents, clients would still like to hire a family law attorney to appear in court on their behalf. We recognize the need to provide affordable legal services. Therefore, the client is able to hire the attorney to appear at the client's court date, if the attorney is available and accepts the appearance, but the attorney does not warrant nor guarantee any of the work that is prepared by someone outside of attorney's office.

Hourly rates range from $285.00 per hour to $400.00 per hour depending on what type of case the attorney is hired for. 

Joseph Torri, Attorney at Law is no longer accepting new clients. Also, Mr. Torri is not offering a free initial consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

Our law office would like to hear your concerns about the family law issues that are arising. Contact us anytime for an initial complimentary consultation. We generally answer the phone during non-business hours within reason, and we will get back to you promptly if we are unavailable. Addressing family law issues promptly is critical. Our office will advocate for a fair outcome if you allow us to earn your trust.

Regain Peace of Mind

Our family law attorneys understand how difficult it is when one parent unjustifiably withholds children from the other parent or communicates a desire to move away with the children to another state or county. Obtaining child custody orders from the court will prohibit a parent from taking unjustifiable action. Also, our divorce attorneys know how important it is to divide community property, and to establish or defend against spousal support and child support. Rely on us to zealously argue for a fair and just outcome.