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La Quinta child custody cases require the grasp and command of an experienced family law attorney that is polished in the field, which is why Joseph Torri practices methodically and productively within the practice areas of divorce and paternity. The Riverside County, La Quinta based child custody attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph Torri steer child custody and visitation cases with the tact and sensitivity that is in the best interest of the child or children at issue. With our broad experience handling family law cases, our office is well-aware that divorce proceedings generally become intricate, intense and distressing where children are involved. For these reasons, we take child custody and visitation cases as a top-priority, and advocate for the parents and the children. Our sweeping command and understanding in family law enables us to practice with integrity and give you our pledge that we are doing what is in the best interests of the children.

The Law Offices of Joseph Torri provides a free initial consultation to prospective clients seeking to administer the proper methods of raising children. We will give each case the attention it deserves. There are many cases that need to be investigated since things are not always as they seem. The La Quinta divorce and paternity lawyers will diligently work to settle your case promptly or take your case to trial if the opposing party is unwilling to settle the case. Also, we will take your case to trial if we believe that is appropriate to do so. Since Mr. Torri is on the Riverside County Superior Court – Family Law Minor's Counsel List of Approved Attorneys, this shows that he has the skills, training and experience to handle any type of child custody case, because the court requires these attorneys to go through extra yearly training and have the requisite experience before appointing them to represent children.

Jurisdiction for Coachella Valley Litigants

The Indio Larson Justice Center is the superior court that generally has jurisdiction for parents living in the Coachella Valley. In La Quinta, child custody and visitation cases are generally settled once divorce proceedings commence. However, some parents are able to settle their legal issues prior to filing for divorce or establishing a parental relationship. While some parents can eventually settle their differences, other parents need a judge to make court orders at trial. Once we discuss the particulars of your case, we will take your case to trial to fight for your rights within the boundaries of family law. We also will let clients know if taking the matter to trial is not in their best interest.

Request for Order for Child Custody and Visitation

Prior to the trial being set, parents generally have an option to file a request for order for child custody and visitation for temporary orders until a trial is set, if at all. Family Code Section 3170 requires Child Custody Recommending Counseling (CCRC) in family law cases when parents are unable to reach an agreement. The CCRC counselor will prepare a report for the judicial officer when the parents are unable to reach agreement. The counselor is able to write-up an agreement when parents agree.

Child Custody and Visitation Considerations

There are many considerations for the court to evaluate in child custody and visitation cases. Looking at the current arrangements parents have is an important consideration. The courts favor parents who are actively involved with their children's lives. The age and preferences of the children can also be considered, along with many other factors. Each case is unique and the facts need to be analyzed carefully. The judge needs to be presented with critical information to make informed court orders. Parents should keep journals of the good and the bad. Noting the behavior of the other parent along with the activities of the current parenting plan is important. Discussing the details with your family law attorney is critical. You may want to do an online search of Family Code Sections 3011 and 3042 as you begin the journey of child custody and visitation litigation.

Move-Away/Relocation with Children

There are many circumstances to consider in a California child custody and visitation case. One critical circumstance is when one parent decides that he or she wants to move-away with the children to another state or county. Either parent is allowed to leave the state since the state is unable to prevent a parent from moving, but the key issue is moving with the children. California law prohibits parents from simply moving out of state with the children since there are automatic temporary restraining orders (ATRO) in the summons prohibiting such conduct. Many parents want to relocate with the children for career purposes or to be closer to family for support. There are plenty of good reasons for wanting to move-away. The court will consider bad reasons as well.

The parent with physical custody must file a request for order requesting a relocation with the children with the court if the other parent objects to the move. The judge must give permission or deny the request for a relocation based on the evidence and arguments presented to the court. The noncustodial parent has a right to file a request for order to change custody when the custodial parent relocates with the children and there was no agreement.

At the Law Offices of Joseph Torri, our Riverside County child move-away lawyers grasp the intricate legal and emotional legal issues associated with move-away trials. We can help you acquire hearing dates and provide the critical legal advice in anticipation of trial dates. Having legal representation from the beginning of your case is very important since being in a solid position is key for when, and if, the relocation request gets served upon you.

There is too much on the line to simply hire any lawyer for your child custody, support, dissolution of marriage or other family law matter. Select a La Quinta family law Attorney with knowledge, understanding and dedication to ensure your rights are protected and advocated for. Our attorneys will inform clients about the process and advise you each step of way. We know this is a disturbing and emotional process. You may even be feeling intimidated. Know that our lawyers are advocates, and will do everything we can to alleviate your concerns. We will advocate for our clients and the best interests of the children. Please call our office to schedule your initial confidential consultation.

Joseph Torri, Attorney at Law is no longer accepting new clients. Also, Mr. Torri is not offering a free initial consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

Our law office would like to hear your concerns about the family law issues that are arising. Contact us anytime for an initial complimentary consultation. We generally answer the phone during non-business hours within reason, and we will get back to you promptly if we are unavailable. Addressing family law issues promptly is critical. Our office will advocate for a fair outcome if you allow us to earn your trust.

Regain Peace of Mind

Our family law attorneys understand how difficult it is when one parent unjustifiably withholds children from the other parent or communicates a desire to move away with the children to another state or county. Obtaining child custody orders from the court will prohibit a parent from taking unjustifiable action. Also, our divorce attorneys know how important it is to divide community property, and to establish or defend against spousal support and child support. Rely on us to zealously argue for a fair and just outcome.