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At The Law Offices of Joseph Torri in La Mirada, California, we believe that everyone deserves to have the support that they need for their family law cases. Family court can be difficult, especially if they involve adoption, custody, divorce, or support. Our firm specializes in these areas, and has become experts through handling numerous family law cases. Our number one goal is to serve the client by getting them the best deal possible. Make an appointment with The Law Offices of Joseph Torri to see how we can assist you with your family law, divorce, child custody, adoption or child support case.

Our law firm stands by the concept of “value for money.” We start with a free consultation in order to determine what kind of legal assistance you need and to assure you that you will always be treated well by us. If you live in La Mirada, California, and need assistance with a legal problem, visit our office and we will do what we can to assist you with your case.

Child Support Cases in La Mirada

Child support cases can often be the most challenging when a former partner no longer lives in the same city or state. Nonetheless, if you currently live in the La Mirada, California area, we will do our best to ensure that you get the child support you are entitled to. By looking at child support cases of the past and seeing how the judge decided on those cases, we have an idea of how judges will decide on future cases. If we need to do so, we can even help you find your partner and summon them to court, allowing legal proceedings to begin. We will outline your expenses and how much is responsibility of the other party, ensuring that the judge awards you a very reasonable monthly child support check.

Child Custody

Deciding who will have custody of the children when a marriage ends can be a contentious issue, requiring a lawyer to settle the issue. It is best to get an attorney right away to ensure that you get the outcome you're looking for. California child custody laws look at both partners' ability to raise their children in a safe environment and consider input from older children in order to determine the best parent to raise the children. We will do our best to ensure that you look like the best parent for providing the children with a safe home environment. We will never make a decision without consulting with you and making sure that you are comfortable with that action. If you wish to have joint child custody, that is exactly what our firm will fight to get for you.

Divorce Cases

Divorce is probably the most difficult event any married couple will ever go through. Some divorces end amicably when both partners wish to pursue other things while others are more contentious. Most couples do not get a prenuptial agreement, meaning that their divorce will likely be a split settlement. Mediation is the best way to decide how the assets will be split between both parties. If there is infidelity or some other reason, we will be there to help you get the settlement you deserve.


Adopting a child is always complicated, making obtaining the services of a lawyer the best thing you can do. Other family law cases usually have more clear outcomes than adoption cases. If you are a birth mother looking to give your child up, an attorney can help with every step of the adoption until you have found the potential parents you are comfortable with. If you are considering adopting a child or formally taking custody of a child that is already living with you, we can help with your case. We can help you jump through the legal hoops that make it difficult for an adoption to go through.

Finding the Right Family Law Attorney in La Mirada

You need to visit The Law Offices of Joseph Torri if you need assistance with any kind of family law case. We will make sure you get the outcome you want and deserve.

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Free Initial Consultation

Our law office would like to hear your concerns about the family law issues that are arising. Contact us anytime for an initial complimentary consultation. We generally answer the phone during non-business hours within reason, and we will get back to you promptly if we are unavailable. Addressing family law issues promptly is critical. Our office will advocate for a fair outcome if you allow us to earn your trust.

Regain Peace of Mind

Our family law attorneys understand how difficult it is when one parent unjustifiably withholds children from the other parent or communicates a desire to move away with the children to another state or county. Obtaining child custody orders from the court will prohibit a parent from taking unjustifiable action. Also, our divorce attorneys know how important it is to divide community property, and to establish or defend against spousal support and child support. Rely on us to zealously argue for a fair and just outcome.