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La Habra Family Law Attorney

At The Law Offices of Joseph Torri, we are determined that all locals in the La Habra, California area receive the support needed for family law cases.  Our firm understands the difficulty involved with cases involving families, particularly those involving child support, custody, adoption and divorce.  Our highly experienced team has handled many similar cases in the past. Our primary goal is to ensure each client is served getting the best possible outcome for their family law, child custody, adoption, child support or divorce case.

Clients will find that The Law Offices of Joseph Torri stand by value of the consumer’s money. Our clients receive a free initial consultation in order to determine the type of legal help needed and will always be treated well by all of our employees.  When you are in La Habra, California and need help for issues related to family law, pay our firm a visit for the best possible assistance that can be provided.

Child Support Cases

This type of case is often challenging due to the fact that one’s former partner may no longer live in the same city or even same state. However this firm can help you to get the child support your children need and deserve. We will look at cases from the past. A judge’s decision from the past case will play a large roll on how judgment will be passed with a new case.

If necessary, our firm will find the person who should be paying child support and summon them to court. Once in court, the legal proceedings can start. An outline of the expenses of the custodial parent and their responsibility ensures the judge awards the monthly amount that is reasonable.

Child Custody

When a marriage ends or comes to separation, decisions on where the children will live can be the most contentious. This is where a lawyer experienced in family law can help. While individuals might think that a former partner would not ask for help from a lawyer, this is often the case. You can get the upper hand by speaking with a lawyer who can assess the best way to proceed.

With older children, California child custody cases often allow the child to have input as to where he or she will live. However, the judge will also take into consideration each partner’s ability to provide a safe environment for the child. The lawyer will work and do his best to make parents look like they are best able to care for the child.

In the past, our firm has successful won both joint custody agreements and child custody for the client.  No action that is not okay with the client will be pursued. If joint custody is the parent’s desire, it is what our firm will fight to get you.

Divorce Cases in California

Divorce is one of the most difficult things any couple will face. Sometimes marriages that have lasted many years may end in an amicable divorce as both parties grow apart and want to follow other avenues in life. These cases are often easier to resolve, however a contentious divorce can be much more complex. If leaving a spouse due to adultery or other reason, the legal counsel can help one to get the deserved settlement.

While prenuptial agreements are becoming more common, most couples do not have one. This allows all the wealth of the couple to be up for grabs. Although 50-50 settlement agreements are normal, it can be hard to decide who gets what. Mediation is the best way to solve the issues of divorce, if possible.  Mediation can be easier than a trial. However, if an issue cannot be solved through talking, the judge will decide the issue for both parties.


The process of adoption can be complex, making the use of an attorney a smart move. While other family law cases may have a clearer outcome in mind, these cases can be complex. A birth mother wanting to give up a child can benefit from an attorney’s help during the process.

Similarly, those looking to adopt or take formal custody of a child living with them can also use the help.  There are several legal barriers through which one must jump in order to complete the adoption process.

Finding the Right Family Law Attorney in La Habra California

The Offices of Joseph Torri is the place to visit for assistance with family law cases. No matter what the legal matter we will offer our help and experience when fighting your case.

Call us today at (866) 630-5757 for a free consultation and let us tell you how we can help you with your case family law, divorce, adoption, child custody or child support case.