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Huntington Beach child custody has two parts under California law: physical custody and legal custody. Joint custody allows the parents to have joint physical custody and joint legal custody. However, the court can award joint legal custody, and not award joint physical custody. Under physical custody, one parent may be granted sole physical custody where the child would reside with and be supervised by one parent. Under joint physical custody orders, the parents share physical custody, and the law ensures that the child have frequent and continuing contact with both parents.

Sole legal custody allows one parent the right and responsibility to make decisions about the health, education, and welfare of the child. Joint legal custody allows both parents to share these rights and responsibilities. California law does not establish a preference for sole or joint custody in contested proceedings.

There are considerations the law establishes in making Huntington Beach child custody awards. Public policy of California is to ensure the minor children frequent and continuing contact with both parents. Also, custody orders must be made according to the child's best interest. Domestic violence and a history of abuse will be considered by the court in determining the child's best interest. Move-away/relocation cases arise when one parent seeks to move to another jurisdiction. The court must evaluate the child's need for stability and continuity. Move-away/relocation cases are generally hotly contested.

Spousal Support/Alimony Lawyer

California spousal support can be temporary and long-term. Temporary support can be awarded while a dissolution or legal separation is pending. The court may award an amount depending on he party's need and he payer's ability to pay. Judges typically use the support software when ordering temporary Huntington Beach spousal support.

Long-term Huntington Beach spousal support may be ordered by the court in any amount, and for any period of time that the court deems just and reasonable. In making a determination for support, the court must base its decision on the marital standard of living. The court must also consider the extent to which each party's earning capacity will maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. The complete list of factors the court must consider are found in California Family Code section 4320.

Limited Scope Representation

California attorneys are allowed to provide Huntington Beach limited scope representation to clients involved in family law and civil cases since it was approved by the Judicial Council. Many parties to family law and civil litigation actions would like the help of an attorney for parts of their cases, even if they cannot afford full representation. Attorneys may appear at court hearings even if the attorney did not prepare the legal paperwork. In contrast, attorneys can prepare legal paperwork, but do not have to appear in court if the cause of action actually gets to the point of having court dates. Most people find that having an advocate at the court hearing helps alleviate additional stress that is naturally created with litigation.

Huntington Beach Divorce Lawyer

A Huntington Beach divorce is more than the end of a marriage. How the issues are addressed will affect your life and impact your loved ones. Family dynamics and finances are complex. When confronted with a divorce, the future feels uncertain and overwhelmingly complex.

You need a Huntington Beach divorce lawyer that is well versed in California State divorce laws. We are accomplished, experienced, and compassionate Huntington Beach divorce lawyers, able to handle the most complex and involved cases.

With Huntington Beach Divorce Lawyer Joe Torri on your side, you can move forward with confidence and breathe a sigh of relief.

About Huntington Beach, CA

Originally, the Native Tongva People, who were also called Gabrielinos, inhabited the area around Huntington Beach. The land of this region ran from what is currently known as Topanga Canyon. A Spanish soldier named Manuel Nieto was granted some 300,000 acres of land in the area that he called Rancho Los Nieto and as a result of this land grant, and European settlement started in 1784. The Stearns Rancho Company raised crops of barley and ran horses and cattle on what is currently known as the city of Huntington Beach.

Part of this land was sold to a Colonel Robert Northam during the early 1800's. The surrounding ranchers bought the barley that Col. Northam raised. The community only has a small group of settlers and was known as Shell Beach by 1889. When a man named P.A. Stanton formed a local syndicate and bought 40 acres next to the beach that had 29 acres on either side of Main Street. In 1901, Shell Beach was renamed to Pacific City. Mr. Stanton had a dream to rival Atlantic City on the East Coast with a community on the West Coast.

The year 1909 brought the incorporation of Huntington Beach. A man named Ed Manning was the first mayor of the newly incorporated community. A real estate development company that was owned by a man named Henry Huntington, who was a railroad tycoon, named the Huntington Beach Company was the original developer. Mr. Huntington is the namesake of Huntington Beach. The Huntington Company is still a primary owner of land in the community. Up until the 1920's, when the famous oil boom occurred, Huntington Beach was still a sleepy ocean front community.

In 1920, the oil boom gave rise to the original growth of the community. At the time, this was the largest known deposit of oil in California. In less than one month the population of the community increased from 1,500 people to 5,000 people, as overnight oil wells sprang up. In order to make room for the tremendous expansion of the population that started in the 1950's, the fire department started clearing out the oil derricks in the community after 1953 when the final oil strike occurred. Between the late 1950's and the early 1970's, thousands of residents relocated to the community. As one housing project after another was being constructed, Huntington Beach became one of the fastest growing communities in the continental United States.

In order to improve the image of Huntington Beach, oil production rigs were hidden during the 1970's and 1980's. Across from the current location of the US Weapons Station that borders Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach, a man named Donald Douglas Jr. bought some bean fields some four decades ago. He started construction of the Douglas Aircraft Space Systems Center. This center is responsible for the production of the upper stage of the Saturn V rocket that provided the transportation for the Apollo astronauts on their successful mission to the moon. Douglas aircraft then became McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing bought the combined companies in the 1990's. These days, one of the largest employers in Huntington Beach is Boeing.

The sport of surfing was introduced to the southern shores of California and specifically to Huntington Beach by a man named Duke Kahanamoku in 1925. In 1953, the first surf shop, known as Gordie's Surf Boards, in the community opened. The US Surfing Championships were held in Huntington Beach in 1959. Huntington Beach became internationally famous as a paradise for surfers when those Surfing Championships were broadcast on television in 1960. The Association of Surfing Professionals in North America relocated to the community and the USA Surfing team adopted Huntington Beach as its official home in 2005.

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