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California Criminal Defense Attorney

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

If you have been involved with the police, think you are under investigation or are involved in any criminal process of any kind, you may be asking yourself, should I retain a lawyer? The answer at this point is usually yes. It is a free call to find out if your situation actually needs representation. Once Joe Torri becomes familiar with the facts of your case, he will be able to assist you in determining if representation is required.

If this is the first time you have been involved with the criminal justice system it can be an overwhelming experience. It does not have to be that way, if you are in the hands of an experienced attorney. Even at the very beginning of a case, you can be forced to make critical choices in a situation you have little knowledge of or prepared for. Making the wrong decision can have long-term consequences.

Keep in mind being arrested does not mean your are guilty. The prosecution has a burden to prove your guild beyond a reasonable doubt. With the right oversight of a skilled attorney, their case may crumble as the trial proceeds.

With Joe Torri on your side, you have the opportunity to set things right.

Because every case is different, Joe Torri will meet with you and discuss every thing that is about to happen and when.  Joe will outline the best course to avoid a possible criminal conviction. Even where a criminal conviction is likely, Joe Torri is in the best position to  minimize any penalties.  

Take your first step now and Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Joe Torri to discuss your legal issues, and find out if you need representation.

Joe Torri has experience litigating the smallest crimes to life cases.   Don’t regret your decision to plead guilty.  Allow Mr. Torri to help you through these troubling times.

Don’t plead guilty to Domestic Violence unless you’ve talked with Mr. Torri.  He’s been successful in getting countless charges dismissed

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