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Client Testimonials

“I was referred by a friend to Joseph Torri that hired him for his case, I was very happy with the service he gave me, having him in court with me helped me get custody of my child.

I would highly recommend Joseph Torri for legal services.” – A Child Custody Client

“I hired Torri law office to handle my personal injury case. I was impressed the moment I walked into his office. The office staff was professional knowledgeable and friendly. I have never been involved with a personal injury case so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Anytime I had a question or I was unclear about anything Mr. Torri was quick to respond to phone calls and answer any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend him.” – Bonnie Ann

“Mr. Torri is an excellent attorney. Divorce is hard enough without worrying about the legal aspects especially when children are involved. When I retained Mr. Torri the stresses with regards to the legal aspects were eliminated. He was professional and was precise with his legal advice. He made a hard situation bearable. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Mr. Torri.” – Tamra

“Joseph Torri and his paralegal Mercedes Fernandez are amazing. I’m a 19 year old single mother i had child custody and child support issues, so i really needed legal advice. I was referred by a friend, when i had my first legal consultation with Joseph and Mercedes, they made me feel like i was making the right decision to leave my case in their hands. Now when it was time for me to go to court i was relaxed because i knew that Joseph was not gonna stop till he gave me the words that i wanted to hear from the judge (which were you have sole legal and physical custody of your child and the father gets no visitations). And i was relieved at the end because that was exactly what the judge said. Now I’m happy with my daughter and don’t have to worry about any custody issues, thanks to Joseph Torri and Mercedes Fernandez. I would definitely go back to Torri Law Firm for any further Legal Issues i may come across in my future.” – Lori Vazquez

“I am not sure I clicked the correct info above. He should be rated EXCELLENT in everything. We were referred to Joseph Torri and it was our lucky day! He was able to have all the charges against our daughter dropped! Yes – dropped! After years of problems – Joe stepped in and took care of everything. Not only that – he has continued to follow-up to see how our daughter is doing.” – Joy

“Was courteous and professional. Was truly concerned about client’s welfare and case outcome. Very informative and honest. Told us what to expect (good and bad possibilities). Client had misdemeanor violations. Violation of probations in 2 cases and facing jail time. Results were amazing. We would recommend him without any hesitation.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“My husband and I are business owners in Palm Springs. We were renting a home that was supposed to go into foreclosure. A court appointed receiver came in and evicted us even though we paid on time every time. We lost our deposit and had to up and move our 2 children and find immediate housing before the sheriffs took all of our belongings. Unfortunately we got a judge who did not know that in California you cannot put a late fee on a 3 day notice which made it invalid. But Joe Torri and Mercedes were there by our sides. Mercedes is the Erin Brockovich of the desert. She is a fighter very knowledgeable and friendly. You want them on your side. You cannot afford not to go to court without them. Thanks guys for your work YOU ROCK!” – M+M Nichols

“I have been doing business in the Riverside County for the past 17 years. I have sat in on proceedings for Criminal and Family Law that Mr.Torri has been the Attorney. I have been highly impressed with his clean, fresh appearance, and his intelligence to defend his clients. I am a future law student, and will approach him one day to teach me to be as good as he is in my opinion. He appears to be approachable, and an Attorney that truly acts upon the best interests of his client. I would recommend him to everyone, and I know he would represent his clients diligently and equally.” – Merci