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For a civil litigation lawyer, knowledge of the law is not enough. We must also master the ability of persuasion because as a trial lawyer, I will also constantly work toward convincing a judge or jury to make decisions that will favor my client.    

I understand how to conduct every phase of the litigation process.  At the pre-trial stage, we will conduct a client interview to determine whether the client has a viable claim.  It also requires persuasive legal writing skills so that we can draft a complaint that will frame the client’s case favorably and survive many motions by the opposing party. After both the client and I decide to file the lawsuit, it then requires a high level of communication skills and knowledge of the law to extract key information from an opposing party during the discovery phase.  

During the trial phase, a civil litigation lawyer will properly present his or her witnesses and cross-examine opposing witnesses.  Knowing when to object and make compelling arguments to the judge to keep out damaging evidence is a critical skill.  A skill trial lawyer knows when to be aggressive toward a witness without angering a jury.

Joe Torri has the skills and experience to present persuasive arguments designed to cause a judge or jury to render a verdict most favorable to his client. 

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