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Having to pay a divorce lawyer is the last thing any spouse wants to do. While one spouse may not be able to afford a divorce attorney, the other spouse may have to pay alimony (spousal support) to the other. The dissolution of a marriage naturally means that incomes and assets decrease due to the nature of California community property and child support laws. Spouses find themselves in a position where they have to move out and make financial decisions about rent, food, childcare, tuition, transportation, etc.

The Law Offices of Joseph Torri believes that legal fees should be reasonable, especially since reasonable legal fees are still expensive to the average person when one needs to come up with even a modest retainer. Having to pay a couple thousand dollars or more can put a dent in any budget, especially when the parties are in agreement on straightforward cases.  Court filing fees on top of attorneys' fees can really impact one's budget. The practical business aspect of running any law office requires the charging of legal fees, and this office will try to work with any potential client that is able to pay a retainer fee. The amount of the retainer may differ on a variety of cases since the legal issues will vary on each case.

Some people do not have difficult legal issues to fight about. Thus, the legal fees will be more affordable since the case can come to a conclusion more quickly than on cases that do not reach a conclusion quickly. When lawyers charge hourly rates, clients need to be cognizant of time since the clock is ticking. This issue is important since attorneys that are fully-retained have an immense responsibility and obligation to get work completed, and attorneys do not want to put in many hours without compensation. In the arena of reasonableness, clients and attorneys need to be reasonable. Clients that take an unreasonable position will end up paying a lot in attorneys' fees since more hours go into fighting cases.

The affordable divorce attorney Riverside will represent clients on a limited scope basis if they are unable to pay a retainer fee. Coming up with a couple thousand dollars or more may not be an easy task for some clients. Since unbundled or limited scope representation is a very popular option, the affordable divorce lawyer Riverside only accepts a select amount of unbundled or limited scope representation cases. Joseph Torri is a Riverside divorce attorney that handles fully-retained cases, but he also handles cases on a limited scope basis. The attorney will not prepare legal documents prior to the court date nor after the court date unless he is fully-retained since most limited scope clients prefer preparing their own paperwork or having a legal document assistant prepare it to save on costs. Most people realize the importance of having a Riverside family law attorney in the courtroom by their side.

The limited scope option is an affordable divorce attorney Riverside since the client can pay a flat-fee of around a couple hours of court time. Although limited scope representation is popular, the fully-retained legal services are also popular. Paternity cases tend to not cost as much as divorce cases since there is generally less paperwork to prepare. Even the simple type of dissolution of marriage requires the preparation of multiple legal documents.

Hiring the affordable divorce lawyer Riverside for your request for order hearing for child custody and visitation, spousal support and child support case on a fully-retained basis is a wise option for having an attorney prepare legal documents. However, the limited scope option can work, too. Clients could find themselves in a situation where they only want to pay the Riverside divorce lawyer up until the request for order hearing, and that is a reasonable option as well since the client may not be able to hire the Riverside family law lawyer for the entire case. In a paternity case or a divorce case, the parties can file a request for order at the beginning of the proceedings. However, unless there is an agreement between the parties after the request for order hearing, the parties will need to conclude the case by either settling it or going to trial in order to establish a judgment. Some clients in Riverside or Palm Desert only want to hire the lawyer for the first part of the case. There are also Cathedral City and Moreno Valley litigants who will hire a divorce or paternity attorney towards the end of the case. The choice is up to the client since the client can control his or her own case, and have an attorney as deemed appropriate for budget or other concerns.

Litigants should not let emotions get in the way of getting to a settlement. People can spend a lot of money, even on a limited scope attorney, if they decide to unreasonably fight a case. Litigants may even have to pay the other litigant's attorneys' fees if he or she acts unreasonably. Fighting to fight should not be the approach when a case can easily be settled. We understand that child custody and visitation generally has a huge need for litigation, and that can be a reasonable battle. Litigants should decide where they want to pick their battles. For example, parents that are going through a divorce can decide to fight about child custody, but agree to settle community property assets and debts without a fight. Courts prefer cases where the litigants settle their entire cases, but they certainly appreciate when people can settle as many issues as possible.

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